Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let it squirt!

So .... let us consider the Enema. A part of the male homosexual way of life that is often overlooked. Let's face it, cock up bum is what it's all about - and cock up shitty bum is far from pleasant unless you're into that sort of thing (and, frankly ... mood, man, magic, medicine, moon ... anything's possible...) ...


Your basic enema can be a purely preparatory function of cleanliness or can be turned into something that's a real fuckin' turn on!

You decide ...

Woof! Arf!

Man's best friend ....

Rembrandt, eat yer heart out!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cum Pigs

I made a naughty film once (shock! horror!) that featured a lot of cum ... I remember someone standing off-camera squirting a mix of cornflour-and-water from a turkey-baster all over the chest of the guy who I'd just finished fucking. Evidently my four-day build-up wasn't enough. Looked good after editing tho ... looked like I was cumming for aaaages!

Art for jism sake