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Piss Art

The Monty Python boys once created a sketch about piss. The setting was a wine tasting ...

Taster: Ah, yes ... a very full bodied chardonnay with - mmmm - gooseberry aftertaste and a hint of citrusy zest. Almost definately from Macon itself. I'd say a Chateau d'Audrieu, 1999?

Wine guy: No sir. It's pee-pee.

Taster: Oh. (Tastes another wine)Ah! Much fruitier, much rounder. I'd say a Brauchard viognier - probably from the south side - 2001?

Wine guy: No sir. That's also pee-pee ...

And so on. John Cleese didn't like it. Thought it was tasteless and so they never produced it. Shame.

****And while we're on the subject of Art (were we?) check out the art blog of my latest follower at MASS'ART GAY - awesome stuff!

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