Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Saga Continues

Okay, okay ... I was going to keep this up as a whole travel diary but it's proven to be too damned difficult. We've been so busy that there's no time for silly things like blogging!

We've just had a couple of days in Hong Kong (just for the hell of it really) and are taking off to the Mother Ship (San Francisco) in a couple of hours. We'll be there for Xmas then off to NYC for New Years - I've never done the Times Square thing at midnight so that'll be a hoot. Then home!

Once we get home I have a whole 3 glorious weeks with no work so I'll have heaps of time to recover from the exertions of this 'holiday'.

Wore the Prince's Wand from Amsterdam to Hong Kong and security never stopped me ... shame ...

Keep yourselves nasty and Merry Wotsit!

Images courtesy of a new Hong Kong friend .... It doesn't take us long!