Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stray Crap

Life is getting wonderfully hectic so my blog posts are becoming more sporadic. Work has started on the new house, we've moved out of the apartment and IT'S BEEN SOLD!!! I had a few problems there but it's all sorted out and I'm EXTREMELY happy with the deal!!! Much better than I expected and all sorta last minute but contracts have been signed and it's all go!

We're staying with friends who are very accomodating and I really value their help but you know what they say about visitors and fish .... they both start to stink after XXX days ....

We're waiting for work to be completed on the bathroom and lounge before flooring is put down and then we get to move in! The more I look at the kitchen, the more I'm tempted to do that as well - but I'm gonna get over this financial hurdle, re-assess everything and then decide.

Exciting times! And I'm lovin' it!

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  1. Sounds great! Post some pics if and when you can. I'd love to see the new place. Good luck to both of you!