Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Next Blog

Have you ever clicked the "Next Blog" button?


I just travelled down a path of the most boring lives imaginable. While I'm ramming my fist up Rory's arse and making him scream in joy, Joe and Vera of Dullsville, Iowa are getting off making quilts together.

While I'm making a small fortune whipping a politician's arse, Dougal of Cheshire is measuring the growth of his lettuces.


Most people just don't know what life is all about!


  1. Oh man, I did that a little over a year ago and wound up working for a HUGELY obese, disgusting, hypocritical and mentally abusive political activist for a little over two months, as a result. Life can be strange.

    Don't ... I repeat Do NOT click the "Next Blog" arrow! EVER! lol

  2. I sometimes wonder what Mr & Mrs. Straight America think when they click next and stumble upon one of our blogs?

  3. Stan has it right. This is diversity. If I lived in Dullsville I would be sewing quilts also, and I would take some pride in it. As it so happens I live in Vienna and may go in a sex club on sundays ;-)!