Wednesday, November 10, 2010


We've adopted a pup for the summer! He's wandered down all the way from Auckland and is proving very popular with our friends. He gets a bit too excited at times and needs to be disciplined but he's so cute that it's difficult to stay angry with him. He wanders off for two or three days at a time but he always comes bounding back wagging his tail.

Rory tracked him down on line and I eventually agreed to take him on - it took a bit of convincing on Rory's part, mind you. It does seem appropriate, however. Every boy should have the responsibilty of looking after a pup at some stage.

(Pup is actually an Auckland Uni student who's working in Wellington for the summer, He's living with his parents but comes for frequent visits. I've never heard him speak ... Woof!)


  1. What a lucky pup he is to have you guys!

  2. Lucky indeed! I can only imagine playtime with you guys!

  3. How cute...... I would LERV a pup of my own.

  4. Man I'm jealous of the pup. Sounds like the most awesome summer break from Uni imaginable.
    And here I am, stuck in an office.