Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What is the dirtiest (sexually) thing you've ever done?

Lets just say that I've done most things ... except necrophilia, incest and children. And I haven't done anything terribly exciting with women! I've done scat scenes rarely - my head really has to be in the right place (except the regular thing with the client who does the glass coffee table-and-plastic bag thing ...) so I guess that's the 'dirtiest' thing I've ever done. I like getting messy with mud or oil or paint though.

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  1. Such a pig you are...probably why im so fond of ya :)

  2. one of the reasons why I love your blog Strayf!

  3. Ever jerked off with a rosary wraped around your Cock and Balls? Or, stuck a crucifix up you butthOle?