Saturday, January 16, 2010

Summer Nights

Headed up to the greenbelt earlier this week. We noticed a bit of movement in the trees off the main path so we knew there were a few other guys around the place. I got Rory down on his knees and he was soon swallowing my dick and chewing on my nuts just the way I like.

Before long we gathered a small audience of three … there could have been others still hiding in the trees but these guys came out in the open. One was an older guy whom we often see up there (not that we go that often – honest!). His shirt was unbuttoned and I could see the glint of a chain hanging between his nipples. I’ve played with him before – he’s slender, trim and heavily in to pain and piss. He had his dick out and was slowly stroking it

There was also an Asian guy, another regular, who just goes to look … He just stands there quite passively looking; never touches himself, nothing.

The other guy I hadn’t seen before. He was lean bodied, mid-twenties with long scruffy curly hair. He’d taken off his t-shirt and stuffed it in the back pocket of his jeans. His nipples were pierced and he had a bicep band of some sort. He came quite close and leaned against a tree watching Rory go at it. I beckoned him over.

He straddled Rory and started playing with my nipples, looking into my eyes and grinning. His hands were work rough but they knew their way around a man’s nips. His eyes betrayed the fact that he was stoned – and way beyond the level of the joint that Rory and I had shared before setting out!

I returned the favour and started working his nips, tugging on the rings, squeezing, testing his limits. He was loving it. He leaned in to kiss me; he tasted of cigarette tobacco …

I eased Rory off of my dick and got him to swivel ‘round to suck Smoker’s piece. As soon as Rory got the head in his mouth Smoker leaned back slightly, a grin still on his lips and groaned quietly.

“Aw, fuck!” he murmured. “This guy’s fucking good …”

I wanted to see how playful Smoker could be so I grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face in to my pits. Now, I know most followers of this blog are dedicated pigs and would think nothing of sucking up sweat from a man’s pits but a lot of guys are really not into it at all … Smoker had a field day! I’d been at the gym for three hours earlier that day and hadn’t showered afterwards – it’s usually Rory’s job to clean me up – and Smoker started sucking and slurping on my stinkin’ pits like a starving man. He started alternating from one to the other, taking a break in between by sucking, chewing on my nips.

Meanwhile, Rory was going back and forth between us, sucking both dicks and generally pigging out, and managed to undo Smoker’s jeans so they ended up around his ankles before he finally kicked them off completely. At that point Rory crawled between Smoker’s legs and started feasting on his asshole. Smoker groaned with pleasure into my left armpit ….

With Rory still sucking and fingering his hole, Smoker bent over and swallowed my dick, deep-throating it straight away and massaging the entire length with his throat and tongue.

I looked around and saw that our audience had grown. The older guy with the tit clamps was now on his knees sucking off a tall middle-aged man in a tank-top. A few other guys were standing ‘round jerking off and enjoying our display … Asian voyeur had disappeared.

I decided to move the party up a notch so I pushed Smoker off my dick, grabbed Rory and got him on his back on a picnic bench with his legs in the air and his jeans around his knees.

“This boy needs to get fucked,” I said to Smoker. “Get him ready …”

Smoker crouched down at Rory’s ass.

“Aaw, fuck …” I heard him groan.

I chuckled. He’d obviously seen the plug that Rory was wearing in his ass.

“Ease it out,” I said, “and then get his ass ready to be fucked …”

With Rory groaning in pleasure he eased the plug out (a Berlin purchase …) and started work on Rory’s sweet little hole. I retrieved the plug and lay down on my back under Smokers ass and started rimming him, digging my tongue in deep, chewing on his ring. He started groaning loudly and grinding his ass on my face. I pushed him up slightly and started working the plug up his hole (I’d discreetly lubed it while eating his hole!). He took it like a champ – working hard to swallow the thing … I started fucking him with it while he still worked on Rory’s hole.

One member of our audience came up to me and started swallowing my dick while I worked over Smoker’s ass and, unbeknownst to me at that time, someone else was busy chewing on Rory’s nips.

Eventually I rolled out from underneath Smoker, got him standing up and guided his dick into Rory’s twitching hole and he started rabbit fucking straight away. I had to calm him down so that I could get in behind his and slam my own dick into his hot, velvety hole. We soon reached a fuck rhythm with Smoker in the middle alternately sinking his dick in to Rory and then fucking himself back on my pole.

The guy who’d been sucking me tried to eat my ass but we were too frantic for him and he backed off (never did figure out who he was …).
As well as being fucked and having his tits worked on, someone shoved their cock down Rory’s throat so he was very happy.

Eventually Smoker blasted his load up Rory’s ass and his clenching asshole got me over the edge.

All in all, a hot fuck!!!

Afterwards, Smoker pulled out a joint from his jeans and the three of us smoked it while our audience trickled off. I invited Smoker to come home with us for a nightcap but he declined, saying he had work in the morning – but we swapped phone numbers.


And, for safe sex purists (BareBackers don’t have to read this bit!), yes, we did use condoms. In my profession, health – and sexual health in particular – is vitally important. Rory and I bb but I won’t with anyone else, whether I’m fucking or being fucked. I love bb sex but I just can’t risk it.

And sharing the plug? I knew Rory’s ass was clean as a whistle and Smoker didn’t object so fuck it …!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010