Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Wanna give a plug to BDSM GAY PICTURES

It's an established blog that only has 9 followers and deserves way more. Has the same sort of nasty kink filth that I have here so give it a look-see. It's in Spanish so I don't have the faintest idea what the text is all about (it's mainly pics anyway!)

Working Weekend

Rory's taken off to see his mother for a week-or-so before Varsity starts up again so I've lined up a few jobs - holiday time is over and I have to pay off the credit card abuse of our trip! I sorta went over budget ... waaay over budget - oops!

I fly off to ... well, let's just say 'another city' this afternoon for a birthday party. Sugar Daddy is holding a formal (black-tie) dinner for his birthday boi - 20 guests all up - where I'll be one of three leather-thonged waiters. We actually have to go through the crap of serving food and wine dressed in nothing but the thongs, boots and a bow-tie/wing collar thing while getting groped by all the guests. Not really my idea of a fun job but it pays bloody well!

After dinner we three waiters (I know one of them and he's really fun to play with!)perform a live sex show on a small stage (I'm assured that there'll be hot music and lighting) and we have to get the birthday boy in on the act bottoming for all of us.

Gigs like this don't happen very often so I'm really looking forward to it - well, except for waiting on tables ... urgh!

I'll let you know how it goes.

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