Saturday, January 30, 2010


Let the Games commence!


Add a little kink to your kink ...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Work and Income

Party was awesome! Third guy didn't eventuate; D knew him and said that he was an egotistical little shit anyway so we were better off without him.

Dinner really was formal black-tie - we're talking your A-list poofters here! A few campy old queens, one was disgustingly huge. Sugar daddy was a great guy - about 50 I'd guess but trim, relaxed, chatty. His boi was 22 (it was his 22nd b'day) and cute with a great body and a truly talented ass!!

D and I served at bar before dins, dressed in formal gear, pouring drinks and handing out canapes. As everyone headed for the dining room we stripped in the kitchen - the caterers had a great time! - then served each course in leather thongs and the collar/bow tie thing.

After dinner everyone retired back to the lounge for port/brandy (or whatever) and cigars. That's when D and I eventually started making out in the centre of the room (I thought we were going to have a stage of some sort but didn't matter). The lights around the room dimmed with just a couple of spots thrown on to us and some real trippy fuck music built in volume. We flip-flopped working each others cock, balls, pits, nips, rimming each other and stripping off the thongs - we kept the collar thing thru-out. After a while we went over to the birthday boi (who came very willingly!), stripped him completely, played with him and his tight little swimmers body and then took turns fucking his sweet velvety little hole. Sugar Daddy got in on the act by lubing the boi's hole before we dived in.

We ended by blasting simultaneously with D up the boi's ass and me down his throat (actually, we faked the orgasms ... but we're good!), then having a 3-way pash while jerking off the boi until he blasted a fucking river. I threw the boi over my shoulder and we exited to the bedroom/ensuite to get cleaned up and change in to our street clothes.

The audience was very appreciative and the boi wanted a private encore in the bathroom ... insatiable little slut!