Friday, February 5, 2010


hard.teen: mmm nice
hard.teen: hi there.. 21yo here.. totaly opendmeind.. into some fun..
StrayFuck: that fukkin body needs to be tied up ...
hard.teen: hehe.. yes thnx..
hard.teen: so what you up to?
StrayFuck: waitin 4 my boi to arrive
hard.teen: what boy?.. your bf?
StrayFuck: nope - my boi ... there's a difference
hard.teen: nice pic.. love shaved heads..
StrayFuck: n i luv long lean muscled bods ...
StrayFuck: u into serving? i luv forcing bois to workout long n hard
hard.teen: nice.. so what you into here? just chat?
StrayFuck: yeah - 4 now - had a few hookups - i travel; a lot
StrayFuck: in Syd at the mo
hard.teen: you ever done cyber play ?
StrayFuck: fuk yeah - just finished with a hot dirty fukker
hard.teen: so you not up to another one?
StrayFuck: wot r your turnoffs?
StrayFuck: i go anywhere except women and children
hard.teen: feminine guys, women and children.. yes.... and dont like blood or shit....
hard.teen: opend .. like rough ruff .. whats your wildest fantasy for play ?
StrayFuck: lmfao - i've lived most of my fantasies
hard.teen: well very into men in uniforms here.. love sodliers, swat cops.. in full unifomr and that scary swat gear...
StrayFuck: did a lot of uniforms in Lndn
StrayFuck: staying with a heavy whip master at the mo - he's teaching me a lot
hard.teen: nice.. so you bottom?
StrayFuck: not any more
StrayFuck: been there done that...still turn up my ass with the right man
hard.teen: nice.. more bottom here and sub.. and can realy take hard.. love some outdoors play.. also done it few in real..
StrayFuck: sweet
StrayFuck: true subs can b fun
hard.teen: so what you prefer in play'.. like willing subs? or more play whit str8 boy making hime sub?
StrayFuck: willing subs r fun - take them further than they thawt they could go
StrayFuck: sensual pain ... woof!
hard.teen: well would like to be picked up by realy scary swat cop on patrol, and realy want to be his sub, but he go much over limits.. abuse me..
hard.teen: like fist?
StrayFuck: mmmm - gotta large play space - have u tied up by yr wrists over yr head
StrayFuck: 1 overhead light so u can't see the whole space
StrayFuck: u standing on tiptoes, straining
hard.teen: so like to play that maybe?
StrayFuck: i enter into the light, full uniform, dark sunglasses, whip in hand
hard.teen: well you wear black swat uniform (pants and shirt, more tight on your body, no underwear) anf big black army combat leather boots, and
hard.teen: and you have big black duty belt whit big black pistol, strap attached in hoslter to your one leg, and black handcuffs and few black hoslters on belt, and big black holster whit gasmask, strap attached to your other leg, from belt and big black nightstick on belt, and
StrayFuck: don't forget the knife ...
StrayFuck: i produce a huge fuckin knife ...
StrayFuck: a slit every scrap of clothing from yr body ...
hard.teen: and you have big black combat knife attached to your leg, partly in your black boot, and black leather gloves, and black balaclava (hood) over your head, cover face (can see your eyes and mouth only) and big black helmet on head, and
StrayFuck: u wear only yr boots
StrayFuck: i walk around your stretched out body ..
hard.teen: and you have black protective knee pads, black protective elbow pads and black protective vest...
StrayFuck: u writhe and stretch against your bonds
StrayFuck: yr legs r slightly apart 4 balance
StrayFuck: but still on tiptoes
hard.teen: feeling pain on my wrists.. looking scared at you.. but willing.. looking your impressive look
StrayFuck: i come right in front of you, sneering - u feel the heat from my body
hard.teen: I look at you maskedd face.. moan hard.. feelign your uniform rub me just little.. and your gear.. you can see fear and submission in my eyes
StrayFuck: I halk up phlegm from my throat and lob it into yr face
StrayFuck: it slides down your cheek
hard.teen: feeling it. slides down.. making me wet.. I moan hard.. feelign scared of you. cant move a bit.. just on my fingers, slightly spreaded legs...
hard.teen: naked.. in this abandond place..
StrayFuck: i reach forward and suddenly grab your nuts, squeezing hard
hard.teen: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. push my head back.. feelign your gloved hand squeezing my nuts... moan
StrayFuck: i stretch your nuts downwards, impassive, watching yr reaction
hard.teen: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa.. noo pleaseeee. shaking my head.. feeling big pain...
hard.teen: pleasee sir stop.. pleaseee. moan harder...
StrayFuck: i hold them stretched - your balls stretched at the ebd of the sac
StrayFuck: then suddenly release
hard.teen: spreading my legs more. from pain...
hard.teen: aaaaghahaaaa. I take big breath.. moan hard.. feeling my nuts burning..
hard.teen: looking your masked face whit some fear..
StrayFuck: i bring my gloved hand suddenly upwards - slapping into your balls
hard.teen is not available
hard.teen is not available

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Thursday, February 4, 2010