Saturday, March 13, 2010

Male Sexual Anatomy 101: Prostate

The prostate takes part in the sexual response cycle in males, and is essential for ejaculation.

A healthy human prostate is slightly larger than a walnut. It surrounds the urethra just below the urinary bladder and can be felt during a rectal exam. It is the only exocrine organ located in the midline in humans and similar animals.

Within the prostate, the urethra coming from the bladder is called the prostatic urethra and merges with the two ejaculatory ducts. (The male urethra has two functions: to carry urine from the bladder during urination and to carry semen during ejaculation.) The prostate is sheathed in the muscles of the pelvic floor, which contract during the ejaculatory process.

The function of the prostate is to store and secrete a slightly alkaline (pH 7.29) fluid, milky or white in appearance,[5] that usually constitutes 25-30% of the volume of the semen along with spermatozoa and seminal vesicle fluid. The prostatic fluid is expelled in the first ejaculate fractions together with most of the spermatozoa.

The prostate also contains some smooth muscles that help expel semen during ejaculation.

Normally, in mammals found to be most active during the time of ejaculation, this organ, due to its close proximity to the anterior rectal wall, it can be stimulated manually via the anus.

Prostate orgasm is the result of correctly massaging the prostate gland in order to produce a flow and elimination of seminal fluid (semen) without ejaculation. It can be used therapeutically to treat and prevent a variety of prostate disorders such as prostatitis and BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy). It is also used for sexual pleasure.

A prostate orgasm can be an extremely sensual experience. And can be intense!

Prostate orgasm stimulation used during intercourse or masturbation will give you an orgasm that will "knock your socks off!"

A prostate orgasm stimulation can be performed alone, by a professional, or with a partner.

The most common and most effective way to perform prostate stimulation is through the anus. Traditionally, when a partner helped with the prostate orgasm stimulation, they used their finger.

They would insert their finger into the anus and massage the prostate gland gently.

The prostate is easy to locate. It is a few inches above the anus on the belly side. It is about the size of a walnut (when not enlarged) and easy to feel and recognize.

The prostate orgasm is achieved by massaging and squeezing the prostate gland in a downward motion. During a prostate orgasm, semen flows out rather than being squirted out (as in a regular ejaculation).

The problem with fingers is that they are usually about and inch or two too short to do the job well. It feels good, but, a finger doesn't usually reach to the top of the prostate gland and don't do an efficient job of milking the prostate gland (releasing the fluid).

Technology to the rescue!

There are many variations of the prostate stimulator on the market but to my mind you just can't beat a well place dick!!

I've achieved anal (prostate) orgasm with stimulators but by far the best was achieved on the end of a truck drivers dick in a seedy motel in Norwich ... I had one foot up on the kitchen bench, the other on the floor, hands grasping a chair. He hardly had to move but the fucking orgasm went on for aaaaages with a constant flow of fluid leaking from my throbbingly-hard dick.

I wonder where he is now?

Anyway. That's the prostate. Go and find yours now ... Have fun!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Male Sexual Anatomy 101: Ass

Ass, arse, anus, buttocks, bottom, bum, shithole, man pussy, nates, backside, buns, fundament, hindquarters, hind end, posterior, rear, rear end, rump, stern, seat, tail, badonkadonk, balloon knot, batty, behind, booty, patootie, backdoor, booty, onion, petard, whoopie-cakes, cheeks, derrière, butt, fanny, keister, tush, heinie, caboose, posterior, haunches, gluteus maximus, sit-upon, stern ....

Traditionally, the first external stimulation we receive after schlurping our way out of that disgusting birth canal is a satisfying slap on the ass by the doctor.
(I did try to find an image to insert here but what came up on Google was just too disturbing ... Even for me!)

You know the old joke - "He was SO ugly that when he was born, the doctor slapped his mother ..."

Anyway, I like to think that that initial experience should be considered a clear go-ahead to fully explore the wonderful world of ass.

Sadly, from early on we are taught that the ass is a bad thing. We don't talk about it, we don't explore it, we certainly don't play with it. It's only function is to expel waste matter and our only interaction with it is to wipe it clean.

As we grow older we discover that there are nasty people who indulge in anal sex! Ugh! Sticking your dick up someone's shit canal! The association between anything anal and shit is as thin as a reed. Shit is waste matter and, as such, is foul, rank and disgusting. Therefore, anything associated with shit is equally foul, rank and disgusting. If you fuck someone up the ass you'll get shit on your dick - Ugh!!! If you get fucked up the ass then God help you.

Speaking of God, as a kid I read the bit about Sodom and Gomorrah ... it wasn't nearly as exciting as I was lead to believe.

Thankfully, for many of us, the more we're informed about the sheer nastiness of anal sex play, the more we're intrigued by it and the more we're driven to find out more. We learn that it hurts. We learn that only queers and poofters (like Bruce who owns the florist shop...) do it.

And so our intrigue is blocked by thoughts of shit-coated cocks, pain and the threat of spending the rest of your life flapping your wrists and gabbing on and on about those GORgeous delphiniums, doll.

Your intrigue gets the better of you, however and you start to include exploration of that tight little pucker into your masturbation sessions. A finger is good. A finger smeared with olive oil, butter, vaseline, hair conditioner ... is better. Then two fingers, three ...

Eventually you find other things to stretch that hole, fill that void ...

Then, when you're ... whatever-age-you-were-when-you-first-got-fucked-up-the-ass, you discover that, yes it DOES hurt but it's SO worth it! And yes, there might be shit involved but get over it (later you learn ways to deal with this aspect ... and that's fun too!!!), and no, you don't have to develop a fascination for sequins and delphiniums. More important, you discover pleasure that you never though possible!

Ass. You can lick it.

You can bury your fucking face in it and suck, slurp and tongue fuck it for all you're worth ...

You can stretch it ...

You can put all sorts of things in it ...

... and it still comes back for more ...

Ass. I kinda like it.