Sunday, January 30, 2011


Ha! I just found an old blog of mine that I never kept up but I did keep a record of my first meetings with Rory...


[Jul 06 2007, 4:12 pm]
Went to a bar with Peter and Ian at night. Peter was in a weird mood so I kinda dumped them and ended up being chased by this cute varsity student. We headed back to his flat but it was obvious that his flatmates were home and he didn't want to be outed so we took a detour and ended up in an ancient graveyard next to the varsity campus. A freakin graveyard! It was fuckin cold but we had a damn good time! He looked like a sweet innocent virgin but that hole of his had seen plenty of action.

Quite a day really ...

[Jul 07 2007, 10:42 pm]
The young student who I screwed in the graveyard gave me a call. I picked him up from his flat and took him out to lunch ... Ah, shit! I'd forgotten what it was like to be young and confused. He virtually told me that he was in love with me and we may as well start choosing the curtains ... I very gently explained that one freaky fuck did not necessarily form the basis of a long term relationship. I also explained the nature of my business, my lifestyle and a gave a brief synopsis of my sexual proclivities.

Rather than scaring him off completely I rather think I encouraged him ... He's coming around for dinner tomorrow nite and is dying to see the playroom. He's never experienced leather/bdsm before but has often fantasised about it.

I'm feeling rather sage-like about it ... passing on the knowledge that I managed to glean from older 'practitioners' over the years. Makes me feel unusually humble!!

Told R about this kid and he literally begged me to be part of the Opening Night Party (that's what HE called it!) Frankly I just wanted to grill a chicken breast, eat that with salad, show the kid the playroom, put him in the sling, fuck him silly and send him home in a cab. R insisted we made it a Party ... I suggested that this might be a bit overwhelming for a beginner but promised to be on his best behaviour.

So, sitting down to a three course meal was me, the Boy-Whom-I-Fucked-in-the-Graveyard, J, B, R and some Canadian that R dragged along at the last moment. Talk about trial by fuckin fire! Before dinner was over the kid was on his under the table taking care of assorted boots, shoes and feet ...!

We got him into the playroom, strapped him into the sling with ankle-wrist restraints, got a leather hood over his head, snapped on a blindfold, strapped in a piss gag, strapped a vibrating dildo up his arse, bound his cock n balls with nylon cord, plugged some fuck FX into his ears then we buggered off for half-an-hour to do mundane things like load the dishwasher, replenish drinks, get medicated and discuss tactics.

If you want to hear what happened after that - BEG!

BUT! the results of the night ... this kid is intelligent, level headed and pretty unshockable. He enjoyed himself so much (and was relaxed enough!) serving our feet that he was moaning, groaning, even laughing at times! He'd never been in a group situation before, never experienced being truly dominated by anyone but he loved it. He was a bit unsure about the sudden move to the sling ... I think he was expecting to do a bit more 'worship' (cock-sucking or whatever) and perhaps we shoulda done a bit more with him b4 strapping him in the sling ... but, Hey! wot-the-fuck?? It felt damned good at the time.

His arse is sweet and tight. He was first fucked two years ago but hasn't seen much anal action. My cock is a challenge for him but he enjoys the challenge. B's cock really made him squeal but he settled down! Didn't try any other toys other than the original vibrating dildo but did some gentle stretching with fingers. He never stimulates his arse during masturbation ... cock only ... not even balls ... That'll change!!!

Balls are young and unsullied .... no go area ... That'll change!

Ditto nipples ...

Reasonably good cocksucker, trainable! Novice at ball play but fuckin intuitive!

Responds well to bondage. Totally fascinated with Dom/sub culture and says he wants to be my 'slave'.

Don't know if I'm ready for that sort of responsibility ... He seems so fragile but so needy. It's ok being a 24/7 slave when you're horny and your Master wants you but he's gotta realise the facts of the mundane down times.

I'm keeping him on - but NOT live-in. He's already wearing a CB3000 which must be torture for an 18 yr old!

I'm picking him up after classes today ... This'll be our first time together since the graveyard... I have two clients scheduled for tonite but I'll keep him busy between-times!

I realised that its pretty fuckin stupid to keep referring to this kid as the-Boy-Whom-I-Fucked-in-the-Graveyard. Much easier to call him Rory ...

Picked him up from varsity at about 4.30. He has assignments and shit to complete so I must be aware of those constraints. He was as horny as fuck because of the CB3000 so I taught him how to take an enema; cleans him out and lets him focus on anal pleasures for a change. Gave him a new enema kit and a moderate sized dildo for him to use.

Went to a casual restaurant for dinner but made him wear a small butt plug - just for fun!

Kept him gagged and bound in a chair in my office while I saw my first client. Forced him to watch a slideshow of some of my filthier net pix and took the CB3000 off of him ... he could get hard but still couldn't touch his dick! He'd collected quite a pool of cock-snot by the time I got back to him. Got him into some body worship: feet, ass, balls, cock, pits, nips - but he STILL wasn't allowed to touch his dick.

Client #2 didn't turn up which pissed me off ... Tied Rory to the StA Cross, blindfolded him, lightly bound his nuts, pumped up the music - trippy shit - and worked his body ending by milking his cock with my gloved hand. He spewed a fuckin river of cum!

Finished at 11.30pm and sent him home with his presents (incl a vat of lube!) and with his cock enclosed again ... Sweet kid. And it's nice to be the Teacher, feeling his limits and gently breaking them open ...

[Jul 17 2007, 9:17 pm]

Gonna put my feet up tonight and read a book in solitude for a fuckin change. Five clients today! Bloody insane.

Just texted Rory: B@ XXX Napier Street 5pm 2day. Dont knock - enter - goto bdrm - strip - get on hnds&knees with arse to door.

I've organised it all with P: he's been itching to fuck this boy's arse so tonites the nite! I have told to kick him out by 9 tho - he still has varsity work 2 do!

[Jul 18 2007, 11:32 pm]

Both P and Rory phoned me (seperately) to rave about the others performance last night... P ended up fucking Rory all over the house, spoofed all over his face then threw him outside naked. He made Rory beg for his clothes. He's a good m8 ...!

Rory is studying tonight and suffering in his chastity cage. He hasn't cum in 48 hours ... that's fukkin tuff for an 18yo! I have one client - a piss session that's always fun. Then I must do some work on my OTHER business - but that's far too boring to tell you guys about ...


  1. Your first intro into the bdsm world is always unforgettable. Rory is lucky to have met you that night.

  2. Who knew so much could start in that graveyard, I know it well.