Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life stuff

Okay, okay. I know this blog is mainly about wank material but just stay with me on this one. I've been selling my dick (and, yes, occasionally my arse and throat) for about 20 years. It's been fun! I have my own house (with a manageable mortgage) my own fuck palace (mortgage free - yeah!), steady clientele, great income but .... well, I've been looking to the future. Am I finally growing up?!?

I'm starting a business degree at Victoria University. Yeah, yeah, shut up!

Rory sorta talked me in to it. I've supported him through his Bachelors and Masters (he's in final year of Masters now) and he's talked me in to doing a full on degree. I have a brain for business - I'm actually doing the book-keeping for three brothels in town and managed to set up some fucking worthwhile investments while the recession was on.

I'll have to scale back my physical involvment in my own business but have two other guys who are already working for me who can take over that side of things.

I'M SCARED SHITLESS!!!!! I'm going 'straight'!!!!

I quit high school at 16 because I was already making a fair income selling my ass and never really encountered the academic world before I met Rory.

StrayF's Business Blog ... What'll THAT be like?!!

Damn that's hot!


  1. You're fucking awesome, man! Go for it and rock it like you have everything else. You're a beast.

  2. It was just as terrifying when I quit the biz.

    Youll be fine - more than fine.

    Mazel Tov mate.


  3. Good for you buddy! At some point all of us whores start a new career :) And hell selling ourselves is business!! Like you i have made some damn good money since i was very young sellin it but at some point we have to think to the future. Wishing you the best luck, you got this pigs support!

  4. Best of luck! You'll be off your back, in a suit and "serving Wall Street realness" before you know it.

  5. All the best to you Bud! It sounds like a great plan ahead.

  6. See you around campus! Congrats on the decision.