Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Serious Shit!

Ok .... I've kinda bullied Rory in to having serious study time for his university courses over the last four years. I've been a hard-ass about it because I wasn't able to go to university and I wanted (and still want!) the best for him. Hell! I hardly made it thru high school because I was first class shit!


Now I've started 101 business papers and ... Oh. My. Fucking. God!!

Rory is now timetabling me! The workload is ... wow!

What the hell am I doing???!!! I'm a sleezy whore pig going for a business degree??? Puh-lease!

But I'm gonna do it!!


  1. You can do it buddy its not easy starting up studies again i just went through that its hard but you can do it!! :)

  2. This is where the saying "Work hard, Play hard" comes from. Balance the two and succeed at both! Go, go, go, go..... We're pulling for you in blogland.

  3. I had two years of that crap in junior college and was never so bored in my life. I hope you do better than I did with it. I did get a passing grade but I hated it! Way too structured and conservative for my tastes.