Thursday, April 21, 2011

Have you ever had sex with a woman and if so did you like it at all?

I've had sex with three women ... four if you want to get technical, and honestly, yes, I did enjoy it. Cock + warm, moist, muscular hole = fun! However, I find pussy to be a weird, confusing and totally alien environment - and it stinks!!! A woman's brain is also a weird, confusing and alien realm ... I like women - I like talking with them, having dinner with them, going to theatre/concerts/movies with them - but I could never live with one of them!

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  1. 1 girl - could barely keep it up.

    Pussy is disgusting and you are right. It smells horrible.

    Only reason to keep em around is to have someone to shop with and to dance with at str8 events.


  2. Heh ... regularly, as I'm married to one :-)

    To me, getting sucked off by a dude--or even fucking one--can be a blast ... but I could never, ever live with one!

  3. Sounds like Buck95 has some issues. Sleeping with women. No NEVER. Nor will I sleep with men that fuck men but doesn't like them. That is too weird.

  4. Yeah. In college. A lot of times. Because of peer pressure. But not for about 10 years... and never again. I prefer dudes because: 1. They've got dicks. 2. They're not bitchy. 3. They've got balls. 4. They like sports, beer and fuckin'. 5. They don't get pissed off if you forget their birthday. 6. Their cum tastes soo fuckin' good. 7. Dudes' pits taste like Heaven. 8. Walkin' around with a fresh load of cum drippin' out your asshole is the best feeling in the World! etc.

  5. yes I was married many years and enjoy the sex, sex is an expression of love, so it was easy to perform. the vagina is the natural hole for the cock, but if your gay you just want to play with dick!