Sunday, April 24, 2011

Poll ...

A certain piece of low-life faggot shit crawled up to me on chat the other day ...
It begged me to put up pics of its sad self and all the details of how it wants to be used and all its contact details.

So I did.

It took me about half an hour to reframe his pics, copy and paste his info and write an intro piece (thats $180 on my rate ....)

I pressed 'Publish' and it was released to the world live on this blog - pics, info, contact details, pleadings, beggings ... Brilliant stuff!

It must've been up for ... oooh? 15 mins? (I'll take another $90 for that) and then it pleads with me to remove it all.

Now, I'm a nice guy ... I'll cane your arse until you're begging for your mommy but I'm a nice guy - so I removed all his pics, info, contact details, pleadings, beggings.

Here's the sorta backstory posting

Now he wants a second chance.

Seems that he DOES want all his pics, contact details, pleadings, beggings to be published on STRAYF after all!

Honestly, I don't wanna waste my valuable time on some pissy little faggot who can't make up his mind. I'm offering free advertising and he waivers?!

SO! The Poll is:

Should I give another chance and advertise his slutty self in this prestigious gentleman's blog?

A. Yes! Let the whole universe know what a pig slut he really is.
B. Yes - but give him one more chance to wriggle out of it ...
C. No - let him wallow in the misery of unfullfilled dreams.

A man's future is in your hands, fellow pigs ... vote wisely.


  1. I say A, but make him post an additional pic of himself, full frontal, with his real name and address written on his body (with any extra comments you feel are necessary).

  2. A. Yes! I wanna see what this fuckwad really looks like but don't edit anything. I agree with

  3. Definitely A

    BUT ... this time, no matter how much begging, pleading, squirming, crying he does ... it stays up.

    If he's stupid enough to try to wriggle out again ... his full contact info goes up, including phone number.

    My tip for him? "Be careful what ya wish for bub!"

    The guy wants it ... so give it to him, in spades!

  4. Am I allowed to vote? Do they know what u have sir? Jay

  5. maybe you can share my pathetic full nudes with the guys that voted...see if they change their vote? I can't stop anything now at this point. Jay

  6. Why would a Superior Male ever indulge the petulant pleadings of an inferior, a cock-sucking faggot? Banish it forever.

  7. to comment from Anonymous on 4/25 at 12:12pm...i know i'm inferior and the fact he already spent times means it's a waste of his precious time if he doesn't use it. Jay

  8. can i make two corrections Sir? you said a man's future is in their hands...anyone that has seen my nude pics or me on cam knows i am NOT a man in any way. also, my mail is , just like the tumblr name site Sir

  9. Expose him but don't let take it down, ever. I have the same kind of exposure fantasies and it needs to be permanent.