Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wingding

A Strayf report.

"Oh, just look at that. There's Lady Chlamydia Gonorrhoea-Cuntflaps and she's wearing the most delightful hat."

"Yes, and there's the Duchess of Dildo-and-Spooge wearing such a pretty hat."

"Just coming in to sight now is Dame Syphilis Clit-Muncher wearing a very daring hat."

"And with her is Baroness Scabies Throbbing-Vulva wearing one truly sick fuck of a hat."

"Princess Hymen of Santorum wearing another fucking hat..."

At this point I gave up and went to bed ....


  1. LOL! I woke up here at 6 AM and that shit was on. I couldn't believe with all the folks out of work struggling economically here was all this wealth being flaunted in front of everyone faces and they were out there waving the flag. Fuck that shit!

  2. I'm planning another trip back to London and a friend wanted to go with me so that we could both be there for The Wedding. I told him in no uncertain terms that there was NO WAY I'd be in London at that time!

    I'm not anti the Royal family but some of the crap attached to it makes me puke ...

    William's bachelor party would've been interesting tho ... I wonder what it's like stuffing banknotes into a stripper's g-string knowing that there's a picture of your grandmother on every one of them ....