Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Day in the Life ...

I don't normally talk about my job because of client confidentiality and all that shit but - fuck! I've had a weird day!

First up was my freakiest client. I've mentioned him before. I have to get in to a large plastic bag and worm my way under a glass coffee table. He then straddles the coffee table and craps on it while he jerks off. I then dress and leave. We've never even touched. We do this every couple of months or so - he pays for two hours and it takes maybe fifteen minutes.

Then I got to suck the arse of _____ ____ and fuck him silly. Celebrity status doesn't do a lot for me but we're talking _____ ____ for fuck's sake!

I also managed to complete my fiscal policy assignment.

I'm so good!


  1. The one client at least pays you well for the crazy umm shit you do :) Sounds like a very interesting day

  2. Sounds like an overall productive day!

  3. "He works hard for the money........."