Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holy of Holies

Went with Rory to one of the local saunas last night. It was kinda quiet when we arrived so we played together in front of other people to get things warmed up then, as we usually do, went our separate ways. I got involved with a sweet fisting scene in the sling room and was quite surprised when, after about 45minutes, Rory hadn’t sniffed it out and joined us – he loves having his arse worked over!

I took a break and, after a quick shower, went in search of Rory.


There’s this one room with a chain of gloryhole booths and there’s one hole on the end that opens on to a ‘public’ space. There was a group of about five guys grouped around this hole, playing with nipples/cocks/balls, who were watching the main attraction; a young, slender, athletic Asian guy who was teasing the fuck out of whoever was inside the glory booth.

Out of sheer curiosity I joined the group and saw YSAAG fairly pounding his dick through the hole, obviously giving Boothboy’s throat a great workout. He suddenly stopped at full thrust and then started to slowly, slowly pull out.

As YSAAGs dick came more and more in to our view, so too did the cock-suckingly hungry face of Boothboy, drool dripping off his chin. He was desperate to keep that cock on his side of the wall and you could see him thrusting his face through the hole, desperately sucking, pleading for cock with his lips and tongue.

Finally YSAAG pulled his cock completely free but Boothboy didn’t give up. He kept his slutty mouth gaping open, thrusting out his tongue in invitation for YSAAG to keep fucking his throat.

YSAAG had en evil grin on his face as he observed Boothboy’s slavering, pleadful face. He lightly squeezed his own nuts and we could all hear Boothboy groan in needful desperation.

I rolled my eyes and walked back to the slingroom.

Rory can be SUCH a slut sometimes!!

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  1. LMAO! Lucky Rory! I would have camped out there all night too where they would have had to drag me away!