Saturday, June 18, 2011

Venting my Spleen

What the hell does one's spleen have to do with giving an opinion? To 'vent one's spleen' is, in my opinion, to erupt in a communicative fashion about an opinion that has been long held but can no longer be held to ones self. So what the fuck does an internal organ that is vital to your lymphatic system have to do with it? As a matter of fact, to vent one's spleen - ie, to expose it to the air, sounds fucking dangerous!

Anyway ... I didn't intend to 'vent my spleen' about the phrase 'vent one's spleen' ... I've been listening to a radio report from London about the upcoming Olympic Games and the enormous logistical hassles it's going to have to do battle with. It's fucking insane! Traffic, rubbish collections, deliveries to supermarkets and restaurants - they're all going to have major disruptions (as if traffic in London isn't bad enough already!) not just for the duration of the games but for a full 100 days!!

But this isn't peculiar to London. Every city that has hosted the Games for as long as I can remember has gone through the same shit - huge disruption to usual city life.

Sure, the host city makes mega-bucks from the Games but dammit, dammit, dammit!!! This is just getting silly!! Huge cities battle for the glory of hosting the Olympics, damn near bankrupt themselves doing it and totally fuck their basic infrastructure all for the sake of the dodgy tourist dollar.

It's about time the world got together and decided on ONE venue for the Games wherein all countries contribute to the construction and upkeep of a majorly impressive sports venue with accomodation and all the additional shit. The spirit of the Olympics is about nations of the world coming together to compete on an equal footing - so let's create a neutral zone for it; a sort of Vatican for athletics. My vote would be for somewhere in Greece - birthplace of the Games.

It's all well-and-good 'sharing' the dubious honour of hosting but fukkit - it ain't worth it!

That is all.


  1. SO damn glad Chicago did not get the games as much as they wanted them!

  2. It'll never happen. It's a great idea (one sure sign it'll never happen) but the politicos of the world could NEVER agree on something this big. And the HUGE profits (hotels, restaurants, transportation, etc.) would make the fight for them...well....Olympic in proportions. Politians and Greed not only go hand-in-hand, they've been having a fucking orgy for centuries. JB

  3. Thank God I'm not the only one to come up with this idea! I'm sure the Greeks would welcome a few bob in the coffers for a bit of land plus all the nations should contribute a set % of GDP. Fair?