Friday, July 22, 2011

Google Paranoia

I admit it ... I feel the Google Police breathing over my shoulder every day ...

I follow THIS BLOG to see which gay-themed blogs have been shut down and the other day found a rather innocuous little blog that I follow has been seized. It has rather gentle images - way tamer than some of the stuff I put up so ... WTF??? I just don't understand Google's reasoning for closing certain blogs while other rather popular blogs are clearly flaunting their puritanical rules (like mine!)

Some time ago I started a Tumblr site as a bolt-hole for 'when' I get closed here ... I've kinda ignored it until today when I spent a few hours exploring it properly. Hey! I'm on holiday and all my assignments are up to date so don't fuckin' start! Anyway - I actually kinda like Tumblr! The entries - if you choose to 'reblog' (or whatever the fuck it's called) are rather random and it's more difficult to actually upload pics than here on Blogger but, hey, what the hell!?

I hate the current theme I've set but I'll hunt around for something else - specially one with tags 'cos I kinda like getting things organised ... I'll sort it out.

I'll still post here but bookmark my Strayf @ Tumblr blog in case this load of nasty shite gets closed down ... and come visit anyway!


  1. You know ill be there, i have a tumbler account too but dont like it hard to figure out compared to blogger in my opinion. Have a great weekend buddy!

  2. So rightly said, that we would never know why google moral police close a certain blog whereas others keep running.
    ideally, they shouldnt close any..