Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sorry .... so fucking sorry .....

Intermittant blogging really annoys me so I apologise for this intrusion into your blogging pleas ........ O, fuck off! I'll blog whenever the fuck I fucking want.

Was there too much 'fuck' in that???

Anyway, (I use the word 'anyway' far too much .....)

Anyway! I was randomnly Googling for strange images in the hope that I might find the portal to the infamous Interpig Network .... when I found this:

This is SUCH a cute dick! I Googled "shroom heads" or same damned stoopid thing and found this! It's not very big but that head is great!

So Keeewwwwt!!!!

Okay .... I can be a weird bastard sometimes .....


Rory has gone to a movie and dinner with friends (yes, he is allowed a life and no, we're not joined at the hip!) I have a 'client' tonight (nothing exciting ... an hour of kissing, groping and he gives me a bj...)

ANYWAY! to kill time I went chatting on (don't go there often but it can be fun) and I find this piece of filth -


Well ... it sent me pics and a pleading letter, begging me to publish it all on this blog ... and then begged and pleaded for it all to be removed.

Have faggot sub pigs lost their fuckin' backbone??

For those of you saw the whole thing while it was up - congratulations ... for those of you who missed it, here's a cheeseburger -

And here's some gratuitous filth:

Kissy Kissy

Friday, April 22, 2011

Creme-Filled Easter Eggs

Don't eat 'em all at once ...


Just add boots and a grungy jockstrap and I'm set.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daddy's Lodge Meeting

Have you ever had sex with a woman and if so did you like it at all?

I've had sex with three women ... four if you want to get technical, and honestly, yes, I did enjoy it. Cock + warm, moist, muscular hole = fun! However, I find pussy to be a weird, confusing and totally alien environment - and it stinks!!! A woman's brain is also a weird, confusing and alien realm ... I like women - I like talking with them, having dinner with them, going to theatre/concerts/movies with them - but I could never live with one of them!

Ask me anything