Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blanket Man

Okay, I don't often do a 'social commentary' thing 'cos that ain't what this blog is all about ... BUT!

Here in Wellington we had a whacked-out, homeless bum who was known as 'Blanket Man' ...

He habitually wore his loin cloth and always had a filthy blanket handy for colder weather. He generally had a bong and an ipod handy as well! He's been in and out of prison for years but somehow this retarded, stinking waste of humanity his reached iconic status. Honest to Jah, there's a freakin' memorial set up for him on the spot he'd usually infect!

I applaud difference!

I applaud Blanket Man for pushing the boundaries of conformity and living the kind of lifestyle that he chose to live - albiet one that was rather repellant to passers-by ...

What I don't get is his iconic status!

Welcome to Wellington! Our current icon is a recently deceased retarded bum who spat at people in the street!

Rant over. I'm starting to bore myself ...


  1. You said what I've been thinking perfectly.
    Yes, he's defiance to live a "normal" life is applaudable,
    but... to put him on a pedestal, hmmm...

  2. WOW they sure had impact didnt they