Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wow! This is still alive!

Just checkin' in to say that I'm still alive.

Sadly, Rory and I have split. He had a fantastic job offer in Melbourne and I refused to hold him back from furthering his career. We're still in close contact with no negative shit between us.

I'm still at varsity but am also running a brothel for a friend of mine who's taken indeterminate long-term leave. Eight girls, two boys - and I get to turn the odd trick when I want! Great fun but a lotta work.

All my filthy pics are now being spread around Tumblr -

My original stash died when a virus wiped out my hard-drive - booo!

I still check Blogger every day and get a kick out of the filth that's being spread here. I don't often comment 'cos I'm an asshole that way - but I do love it all!

Fuck on, fuckers!



  1. Man I miss you. You were part of my daily routine. Great to hear all's well ... 'cept for the Rory thing. Sorry to hear about that part. Love your cocky irreverence ... tis a beautiful, sexy thing! ;o)

  2. Glad to hear from you! Sorry about Rory. So it goes. Hope you start blogging regularly again!

    XO FFB

  3. I visit your blog every day. Check out your tumblr and check in to your liked blogs. I usually leave a little offering along the way. You are The Man!

  4. Sometimes, I just swim in your filth.